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The Lean Journey

Anyone who has ever been responsible for managing or introducing change in their organizations can agree that bringing about positive change is difficult. Without a proper foundation and support from upper management, the change journey becomes even more difficult.

Embarking on Lean Journey is no different. At its core, it is change. No matter if you have just begun to learn about Lean methodologies or are a veteran of implementing and sustaining lean in your organization, you can't achieve progress as effectively as possible unless you have an adequate foundation and working knowledge of the Lean Principles accompanied with Senior Level support.  We hope you are well supported as you start building  and continually strengthening your foundation. 
The journey begins with your commitment  
Some organizations today have invested in lean training in the past and have built the strong foundation necessary to support and sustain the initiatives they have
implemented. Others are brand new to Lean and have heard that it's something they should look into and possibly invest in to help their organization continue to be most successful.  
No matter where you are, we are here to help answer your questions and help you succeed in your Lean Journey.
Your first step is to commit to improve. The rest you do not have to do alone. We can help you decide where to start and what type of training is best suited to your organization. 

Think Simple...
Although we offer individual topic & tool training, we recommend following our comprehensive and simple to navigate Lean Journey Roadmap which is comprised of industry specific training that results in achieving your Lean Master Certification.
Organizational Leaders who understand their business well and see the competitive need to continuously improve invest in developing their workforce. Training equips our people to be better able to improve processes, reduce wastes and increase value to our customers. Through Lean Master Certification, organizations develop and strengthen their continuous improvement mindset and are able to continually realize these gains and create agility for future change through their people. 

Think Different...  
Becoming an effective Lean Master requires more then just showing up for a couple of training workshops. Training that sticks requires the opportunity to put into practice what we have learned.  - The sooner the better. This is where our training programs are different. 
We begin our Lean Master Certification training with the mindset that everyone will be training others in the workplace. We provide hands-on learning at every level of training and learning is reinforced through coaching in between workshops. This helps you and your organization stay on track and be able to assess and focus on the best implementation activities for you.  

Get Results Faster - There are no exams in order to successfully obtain your Lean Master Certification. You save time and effort spent in studying. Instead, you begin applying your knowledge right away and working on real projects that can provide immediate results. Like you, we expect positive results from our training and make every effort to make sure this happens with every client.

Lean Associate
Lean Tool Kit

Lean starts with building a solid foundation for your journey.

Participants will gain the basic knowledge about a Lean Management Systems. 

The most widely used Lean methods and principles along with the application of the core tools within your organization are key concepts taught at this level. 

As a Lean novice or apprentice, you will learn the Why's of Lean and be able to assess where your organization is currently. 

Lean Associates are equipped to work with some of these tools and be able to lead some changes in your organization immediately after this training.


Lean Practitioner Certification 

Kaizen Instructor Training

Leading Continuous Improvements events, applying the methodologies and proper use of the tools on activities in your own plant is the primary learning objective at this level.

Tangible results from this training are the planning and implementation that starts to take shape at this level. 

You will be equipped to identify and facilitate your own Kaizen events from start to finish within your organization and prioritize what type of events are needed. 

These include:
Workplace Organization & 5S, Total Productive Maintenance, Setup Reduction, Problem Solving and more.


Lean Master - Part I 

(Classroom Competency)

Lean Master - Part I involves achieving thorough and comprehensive Lean competency at a classroom level.

Decisions are made on where your priorities are at this level and you will begin defining where your journey will take your organization through the use of Strategy Deployment. You will be able to confidently choose and use the right tools.

Projects are defined with appropriate metrics and milestones to guide you in your improvement journey. 

Future State Maps are developed and Cell Design Concepts are introduced that will begin reaping the positive results of your transformation initiatives.


Lean Master - Part II 

(In House Competency)

Lean Master - Part II is the final step of Full Lean Master Certification.
Qualified individuals will have successfully completed all three Lean Certification levels and proven their capabilities In House by completing 5 projects with proven results of substantial savings or gains for their organization within 12 months of their first training day.

They become transformation specialists with proven Leadership & Technical Skills to manage an organization's Lean strategies with a high degree of skill and competence as well as create and sustain a Continuous Learning Culture within their own Organization.

Ready to Start your Journey?

Right from day one, participants within our program are provided the chance to prove their comprehension in a workshop setting. They gain sufficient knowledge to use the tools provided and be able to teach others using some of the core principles taught. This creates immediate momentum to start making positive changes in your organization. 

With success and succession planning in mind, Lean Masters can lead and coach others in becoming proficient in Lean which provides overall benefit for their organization.  

No two companies are alike.
Your organization may be ready for exponential business growth that comes from creating a Lean and Learning Organization culture and will embark at the beginning and stay committed to the change they want to realize. Others may want to be more conservative and customize their learning and journey to a slower pace that is comfortable for them.
No matter the pace, it's the fact that you commit and begin that is most important.  

Lean Master Instructor -  Doug Lachance
Doug is a Lean Management Trainer and Consultant who has been an agent of change for more than two decades, helping clients transform their organizations into efficient lean enterprises. Read Bio

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