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Design 4 Lean Solutions and its partners offers a wide range of resources to their clients. We have years of experience and expertise in creating Lean environments and cultures of accountability. 

We can provide training, mentoring and fractional services to support you in your continuous improvement journey. 

Chances are someone is on the same path as you or has been there already and is willing to share their lessons learned and their story so you don't have wasted time making their same mistakes. 

 We have aligned ourselves with fellow trainers and coaches, suppliers, business advisors, consultants as well as other clients. 

Surrounding ourselves with other good professional people whose values align with ours ensures we are prepared when you are ready. Let us know when and we will be here for you.

Why Design 4 Lean is a good partner to work with you throughout your Lean Journey.

We are Canadian! - We have learned many of our skills from some of the best organizations worldwide and saw a need to offer similar programs  to our Canadian clients. They offer some excellent Lean programs and we at Design 4 Lean are pleased to be offering this type of learning here in Canada. Offering it here makes certification more attainable and affordable to many organizations.

Our programs offer both in-class and onsite experiential learning opportunities. The programs are tailored to accommodate various learning styles and offer participants the knowledge, tools and techniques to be successful. 
Fully Certified Best in Class Lean Masters sustain their learning and are able to collaborate with other Lean Masters by joining their own peer-to-peer community. 

We would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about you and your organization, assess your readiness and to demonstrate the value of engaging us along your journey to success.

Find a Human Resource:

Contact Doug, President and Founder, with questions about any of our Solutions. We can also connect you to one of our trusted colleagues and associates for subject matter we are not able to assist you with directly. 


Find a Material Resource:

Just ask us. We have some resources readily available for sharing:
●Continuous Improvement Tools 
●Visual Management Supplies 
●Case Studies