Design 4 Lean Solutions
 Think Simple. Think Different

Design 4 Lean Solutions

Our success comes from our client's success. We facilitate customer success by providing hands on Lean Productivity Training and Lean Management Coaching through workshops, seminars and customized in-house solutions.

Our many years of global experience in working with small to very large multi-site organizations in various sectors gives us the confidence that we can be a valuable partner in helping you achieve your goals and objectives and guide you in being able to sustain the gains to continually be successful.

Think Simple - Think Different 

We engage Senior Level Managers in developing strategies that will ensure the success of their organization through their people, in creating a healthy workplace culture and in creating the greatest value for their customers. 
We help you and your teams identify, prioritize and focus on what’s important first to allow you to become most successful with the least amount of frustration. 

We keep it Simple - We work alongside you every step of the way by providing the knowledge, tools and guidance at the best time and as needed to assist you in incrementally developing a Continuous Improvement culture and be able to sustain it into the future. 

Our Difference - We don’t just demonstrate what to do or just execute for you and leave - We help you bring out the best in your organization!

LEAN and your organization 

Chances are that you have some idea of what Lean Manufacturing is or can be. That is why you are searching the web for more information.  What you may be most curious about is what Lean can do for your organization.  You may even have some lean principles at work already and don't know it by name yet. We are more than happy to start at the beginning when implementing lean, yet never assume you need to until we see what you do, how you do it and where you are today. 

Why do LEAN? - Successful organizations using Lean Principles are better able to profitably provide the greatest value for their customers when they eliminate or reduce waste in their organization. 

We help organizations define their current state before they can determine their future state and be able to achieve their vision. We are here to guide you in your learning and here to support your application of the learning through implementation every step of the way.

Contact us to learn more and set up a complimentary meeting. 

People  -  the essential key to making your Lean Journey successful

Every Leader knows that their success is greatest when they are surrounded by awesome people who are equipped with the right Training and Tools to be most successful. Yet Training and Tools are less effective when our people don't know why and how they need to use them.  We start every conversation with discovering where we are to asking where are we heading and how are we are getting there. Most importantly we talk about Why. 

It makes it easier to reach your goals or destination when everyone knows their purpose or the "why" that keeps them focused on getting there and being able to see that they are on the right track.  

We provide Lean Master Certificate Training, tools, coaching and other solutions to help your team succeed and sustain the changes. Contact us to help you and your team define the areas where training could help or where immediate implementation is possible.

Strategy - Every organization is unique and so are your needs

Candid conversations on where you are today and where you want to go as an organization is where to start. You may need to start at the beginning, or just need an updated assessment to help you identify your next steps or you may have plateaued in your journey and need a "boost" to get back on track. 

No matter your current state, we can help you assess the problem(s),define your goals and help you take the next steps.

Our 90 minute Discovery Meeting helps clarify your gaps, identify your wants and needs as well as where the problems may be in order to be able to provide appropriate advice and recommendations. 

Contact us to set up a time to explore your needs, goals and the possibilities. We can help you define and refine your strategy to help you create the success you want to achieve. A meeting is the best way to help us both determine if we are the right partner for you and your organization.