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Core Training Workshops

The journey starts here – Five Principles guide every Lean organization in meeting customer needs more effectively, while improving their own ability to remain competitive and sustain profitably into the future

Lean Principles Training provides the foundation for any organization that is committed to incrementally increasing value for their customers. reducing the non value added wastes and improving process flow. Lean helps organizations to efficiently achieve the desired state of doing business in more sustainable and profitable ways.

Training Outline

Accelerate production flow while achieving a cleaner, safer & more organized workplace

Workplace organization is not only one of the most essential tools of lean manufacturing, it is also the foundation for virtually every other tool used in the implementation of lean concepts. Set-up reduction, cellular flow, pull systems, point- of-use-storage and total productive maintenance are among the various tools based on the principles of 5S. Essentially, 5S transforms a cluttered and disorganized workplace into a clean, safe and orderly work environment.

Training Outline

Improving material and information flow to increase value to both customers and the organization

Value Stream Mapping Workshops provide the foundation for any company that is committed to incrementally increasing value for their customers and becoming a more profitable organization. Training provides the tools to defining the current state, identifying what is of value to the customer, reducing the non value added wastes and improving the process flow. An organization can achieve their desired future state and align themselves with their organization’s strategies and vision more effectively through Value Stream Mapping. 

Training Outline

Check back soon! We are currently updating our Training Outlines for our workshops to reflect's today's environment