Lean Black Belt Program

This program provides you with the knowledge and tools to be successful in applying advanced Lean approaches as well as strategic planning; leadership and program management skills to coach and mentor other belts within your organization.

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This Program Is For

Executives, managers and supervisors of one or more process areas, organizational Lean leaders and employees working towards their Black Belt certification.

Assessment and Certification

Participants must complete a multiple choice exam (25%) and three in-house projects (75%) that demonstrate actual savings and sustainable improvement activities within 6-12 months . Successful completion provides a Lean Black Belt certificate from Design 4 Lean Solutions Inc.


Full online mentoring support for participants is provided. 

Program Details

8 Courses
$4500 CAD

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Lean Black Belt Program Courses


Lean Strategic Planning and Implementation

Level: Advanced Duration: 2 hours

This course outlines and explains the steps involved in developing a strategic plan for a Lean implementation in an organization using the Hoshin Kanri planning methodology. It also explains the role of ‘rapid improvement events’ in implementing Lean solutions and gaining the quick wins that are vital in promoting an overall Lean transformation. The module explains how to prepare for these events and how they should be implemented to ensure optimal success. It also explores appropriate techniques for quantifying and measuring the success of Lean implementation projects. Finally, the module outlines and explains how to sustain early successes and ensure that Lean becomes embedded as part of the overall culture of the organization.


Managing Lean Projects

Level: Advanced Duration: 2 hours

This course explains the processes that are used in project management of Lean projects. The course begins by explaining the project management system and introducing the Project Management Body of Knowledge. The course then explores the five core project management processes and the 12 rules of project management.


Effective Leadership and Change Management

Level: Advanced Duration: 2 hours

This course will introduce you to key change management concepts, provide a model, templates and tools that can be used as guides to successfully implementing Lean projects.


Advanced Lean Tools and Practices

Level: Advanced Duration: 2 hours

This course will outline the differences between value-added and non-value-added / wasteful elements in processes and how Lean can be used to identify and reduce/eliminate waste, explain how to gain a thorough understanding on customer perspectives in order to accurately define what is value in a process, explain how Lean can be used to deliver value through optimizing process flow and capacity and improving workplace organization.


Lean Blackbelt Assignments 1-4 Submissions

Level: Advanced Duration: 2 hours

In this course, you will submit your four Black Belt General assignments.  There are no submission deadlines for the four assignments and the final project.  This program is self-directed to provide flexibility in balancing both professional and personal commitments.  It is recommended that the 4 assignments be completed in the first 4 -6 months, with the final project being submitted before the enrollment period end date. Feedback and result from each assignment will be uploaded in this course as well.


Proposal and Final Project

Level: Advanced Duration: 2 hours

Please upload your project proposal and final project in this course.

Project Proposal: Please review the project guidelines with your sponsor to gain alignment and support for your final project. Based upon that discussion submit the project proposal (submission section on this course) to your mentor for approval within 1 month of the program start date.
Final Project: Once a project has been approved by the mentor, it is recommended that you complete the project charter.
Executive Summary: a summary of your lean journey and provides an overview of the results achieved. It should contain the following sections: strategic relevance, impact on organization – both qualitative and quantitative, challenges encountered, tools used and deliverables.


Lean Black Belt Evaluation

Level: Advanced Duration: 2 hours

Your feedback is important to us and is required in order for your results and certificate to be processed and communicated to you by the accreditation body.  Once you’ve completed this evaluation you will receive an email from Design 4 Lean with your next steps to obtain your certificate.


Lean Black Belt Program Induction

Level: Advanced Duration: 2 hours

This section provides you with the Quality Policy Document, course outline, and resources that are provided to aid you as you study the course, with key tools and templates provided to enable you to put concepts into practice within your organization.

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